Story about Mike Moreno

Mike Moreno has Lincoln DNA in his blood. Starting at the age of 9, Mike began doing maintenance on his great aunt’s 1961 sedan. By the age of 13 he had graduated to searching for parts for the car. His passion then and now is Lincolns from the 1960s.

By the age of 16 he was buying parts cars and dismantling them. All told over the last 30 years, Mike has dismantled close to 200 1960s Lincolns. Some people became knowledgeable about these cars by reading shop manuals: not Mike. Dismantling these cars in those numbers confers invaluable hands-on knowledge of what makes them unique.

Around 1995, Mike became especially enamored of the 1960s Lincoln convertibles. They are truly a sub-set of even more unique issues: from parts that are unique to the car, to the intricate top/trunk lid symphony that must work correctly or leave you stranded.

Later, Mike jumped into the Lincoln restoration business, starting with Jim Roberts two 1963 Lincolns also displayed on this website. His skill as a mechanic is particularly noticeable when he gets to the engine compartment, re-springs the suspension, and restores all of the dashboard controls and functions to fully operating systems. There is literally no mechanical aspect of a Lincoln that Mike cannot repair or restore.

What makes Mike unique is that he can do 100 per cent of all mechanical restoration work as well as any and all cosmetic work needed for the passenger compartment and trunk. For example, on Jim’s 1963 sedan, as part of a rotisserie restoration, Mike installed a new headliner, installed a full leather seat and carpet package supplied by Jim Wallace, added new wood inserts in the doors, restored the dashboard, hand stitched a new trunk carpet set and much more.

Jim Roberts was asked to comment on Mike’s work and provided the following testimonial: “i have had over 20 classic cars in the past two decades, including two vintage Rolls-Royces, an award winning 1949 Cadillac convertible, a 1965 Buick Riviera that Jerry Seinfeld borrowed for “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”, among others. I can say without hesitation that my experience with Mike stands out above all: apart from being a great person, Mike gives every assignment his full attention, is a master at finding hard-to-find Lincoln parts, never overcharges, and does superb work. I greatly admire his commitment to the Lincoln marque.”