Rates for service are as follows:


$500.00 – Service Call Fee

$300.00 – Per Hour

Plus Parts

Show up fee for 2nd day $250.00

Payment upon Completion of Repair

Please phone to discuss future travel plans…

Service Policies:

* The above SERVICE CALL rate applies ONLY, IF your town is on my planned travel route Rates are adjusted accordingly, if excess deviation of planned route is required (over 50 miles)

*If your car goes into day two, service call (Show-Up Fee) for second day is $ 250.00

Call to discuss details and/or schedule an appointment to get those complicated top and window systems operating like new – Please phone me directly for future travel plans.

NOTE: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY JOB FOR ANY REASON (Basket Case or Structurally Unsound Cars, Problematic Customers and/or Stressful Job Sites) This also includes Rat Infestations in vehicle!

Owners MUST watch, help and learn about their cars!